09 toukokuuta, 2014

Elizabeth Kostova: Historiantutkija

The Historian (2003)
Elizabeth Kostova
suom. Arto Schroderus
WSOY, 2007
845 sivua

Oma, vapautettu
GR: 1/5 tähteä
★½, puolikas kirjastoista, kirjaston- ja arkistonhoitajista

This should have been a book that I would have liked and the idea was worth a four star rating. The plot itself was maybe three stars but what made it a two-star book was its length. I read a translated version that was also abridged (which is rare) but with its 845 pages it was still way too long for the story. I did enjoy the research (and some scary) parts in libraries and the idea of librarians and archivists having all this secret knowledge but there was just too much of it. Too many letters, too many documents and frankly I often forgot the whole existence of the main character and her story line because most of the novel happened in the past. Not that it really bothered me, her parts were the most boring ones anyway.

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