29 toukokuuta, 2014

Eleonora Joffe: Mannerheimin kuriiri

Mannerheimin kuriiri - Kirill Pushkareffin arvoituksellinen elämä (2014)
Eleonora Joffe
SKS, 2014
252 sivua

GR: 4/5 tähteä

Mannerheimista tämä kirja ei kertonut paljoakaan....

The book tells the life story of one white Russian émigré from a Cheka prison in 1918 to 1960 when it was found out he had been blackmailed into working for the KGB since returning from the Soviet Union and its Gulag system some years earlier. Before spending 10 years as a prisoner in USSR Pushkareff had worked for the Finnish State Police and the military intelligence both in peace time and during the wars.

During the 1920s and '30s the anti-Bolshevik white émigré organizations were involved in terrorist attacks and espionage in the Soviet Union while trying to overthrow the new regime and one of the routes was across the Finnish border. Pushkareff had the language skills and connections to monitor and gather information about both the local Russian émigré community and international organizations. OGPU was equally efficient, kidnapping and murdering leaders of the Russian All-Military Union and recruiting double agents.

It was a very interesting time period and the book is very well researched, telling not only about Pushkareff but also the people around him and some of the more bigger operations both sides had. My only problem was with the language sometimes, though I am not sure was it only because of the old fashioned language or just a bit poor translation of letters and memorandums.

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