22 huhtikuuta, 2014

Hella Wuolijoki: Enkä ollut vanki

Jouduin olemaan vankilassa lähes puolitoista vuotta. Lähes kolme ja puoli kuukautta - koko kesän 1943 - sain ensin viettää Valtiollisen Poliisin vihertävänharmaassa tukahduttavassa kopissa - kävelemättä. Loput ajastani olin Helsingin Lääninvankilassa, jossa samalla muutuin jahdatusta otuksesta tavalliseksi vangiksi.
Enkä ollut vanki - tuokiokuvia vankilasta (1944)
Hella Wuolijoki
Tammi, 2010
190 sivua

Oma, pokkari
GR: 3/5 tähteä
★★ ½

This was a strange book and not at all what I expected. A memoir by an educated, successful businesswoman and a millionaire, a well-known playwright whose one play was filmed in Hollywood (The Farmer's Daughter), a friend of Bertolt Brecht and Olavi Paavolainen, and the future director of the Finnish Broadcasting Company, written while she was in prison waiting for a potential death sentence for treason and aiding a Soviet spy Kerttu Nuorteva during the Continuation War in 1941-44.

I was hoping for some explanations for her actions during the wars, and I suppose there were some, but she sounds so naive I don't know what to believe. Did she really believe in the benevolence of Stalin and the Soviet Union? She doesn't talk about herself that much, though, she writes short chapters about the prison life and her fellow prisoners, what had happened to them and why they had ended up in prison. They were mainly thieves and abortionists, some were more quilty than others. She was kept away from other political/state prisoners and also from male prisoners, of course, except when the prison was hit by bombs, during the "peace bombings" of February 1944, I believe. She ends the book with a chapter about the last woman executed in Finland, Martta Koskinen, a friend of Wuolijoki and Hertta Kuusinen who herself was a daughter of O.W. Kuusinen who, in turn, was a member of the Soviet Politburo.

But nevertheless Hella Wuolijoki was an interesting charactor and the movie based in these events was pretty interesting, too.(Trailer)

Hän kulki kuolemaan laulaen.
Hänen nimensä oli Martta Koskinen.

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