28 helmikuuta, 2015

John William Polidori: Vampyyri

The Vampyre (1819)
John William Polidori
suom. Sami Jansson
Faros, 2005
Pokkari, 86 sivua

GR: 4/5 tähteä

Lord Ruthven may not be the most famous vampire but he was the first, at least a modern, fictional one... I hadn't even heard of him until recently when there was a question about him in a pubquiz. Luckily my friend wasn't as ignorant.

It was interesting to read where it all started. Some characteristics of vampires seemed to have survived but a lot has been added later on. I found the historical backround and the connection to Lord Byron interesting. I also thought that Ruthven reminded me of Dorian Gray and/or Lord Henry from The Picture of Dorian Gray. Maybe there was something in the air in the English high society.

I'm not a fan of horror so I guess it's good this wasn't that scary and the story was a bit predictable. All in all it is maybe worth three stars but I will give it four because Byronic Vampires are cool and this story started it all.

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