28 heinäkuuta, 2014

Oscar Wilde: Dorian Grayn muotokuva

The Picture of Dorian Gray (1890)
Oscar Wilde
suom. Kai Kaila
WSOY, 2004
suom. Kai Kaila

Pokkari, 245 sivua
GR: 4/5 tähteä
This book probably isn't what most people call a "light beach read" but that's where I read most of it, thanks to the heat wave we have been enjoying (the air temperature was around 30 °C and water at 25°C) and the fact that it is light enough to carry and a book I own so I didn't have to worry about ruining a library book. (There was a bit of a problem with the ice cream, it just melts too fast in that weather...)

Other people have probably reviewed this better than I ever can, so I just say that though I liked the plot and thought the book in general was well written, I also think it started too slowly and only picked up closer to the midway point. One reason for that may be, of course, that I already had an idea what was going to happen and in a way was waiting for that. But I still don't understand why the descriptions of jewels were necessary, for example, those parts dragged on for too long. But even with them the novel was worth reading and the different ideas and motivations of the characters are interesting if one wants to think about them. Or you can just read it as a gothic mystery/thriller, like I mainly did, I guess.

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