06 lokakuuta, 2014

Gaston Leroux: Oopperan kummitus

Le Fantôme de l'Opéra, 1909
Karisto 1990
suom. Eero Mänttäri
259 sivua

GR: 4/5

The musical Phantom of the Opera is probably my favourite one and I have been thinking that I should read this ever since I saw it the first time in London. I'm just not that into horror so that is probably the reason I didn't pick this one earlier.

I knew the main plot quite well but I felt I hadn't understood everything about the characters' motivations because I just concentrated on songs and visual aspects of the show, so I hoped the book would give me some background information and maybe explain some thing that the musical might have glossed over, which I guess it did.

I'm not sure that this was quite the four-star book for me but I do think it was original enough to earn them. And I do hope that the characters would have been more interesting, I almost find myself rooting for the Phantom simply because at least he HAD some character...

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