12 lokakuuta, 2014

Diana Gabaldon: Muukalainen

Outlander, 1991
Gummerus 2004
suom. Anuirmeli Sallamo-Lavi
Pokkari, 825 sivua

GR: 2/5 tähteä

So did I really think this was worth only two stars?

Not really but I don't think it's really on the same level as my three-star books. I did change my rating "system" a bit because of this and rated some books lower than previously. This is probably one of the better historical romances there are but it just isn't my favourite genre.
Anyway, about the book. For the most part it was a pretty enjoyable read but could have used some editing because frankly I got bored during some of the discussions. I am just not that interested in romance and started struggling soon after the wedding. The other problem I had was with the violence. I don't think all of it was necessary, Black Jack was just too evil and his character wasn't explained well enough to make him interesting or believable.

Because it was written in first person, everything that happened had to be witnessed by or told to Claire and that caused some long discussions which made the reading sometimes tedious. But I was interested in the setting and some of the other characters and probably would have enjoyed the relationship of Claire and Jamie much more if there had been less of it. That is probably the reason I am enjoying the new series more, though I also thought the first half of the book was probably better. I don't usually like pics in reviews, unless they are relevant, but this has to be the cutest pic of a sporran:

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