11 elokuuta, 2014

Luiz Ruffato: Rutosti hevosia

Eles Eram Muitos Cavalos (2001)
Luiz Ruffato
suom. Jyrki Lappi-Seppälä
Into Kustannus, 2014
159 sivua

GR: 4/5 tähteä

Toukokuun yhdeksäs vuonna 2000 oli jälleen yksi tavallinen päivä São Paulossa, tämä kirja kertoo siitä.

What an interesting book, very different! But it's not something that one can read for fun because many of the fragments tell about darker sides of life during that one day, May 9th, 2000, in São Paulo. Sometimes I would have hoped that there had been more happiness in people's lives, sometimes there were but often, after reading too many sad stories in a row, it was difficult to continue reading. (Then again, there usually isn't that much drama in happiness.) But the people and their stories were believable, they had their own voices, and there were many surprises, too. The writing style also changed constantly which made it even more... well interesting. And I like the Finnish cover.

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