16 elokuuta, 2014

A.A. Milne: Punaisen talon arvoitus

The Red House Mystery, 1922
WSOY 1973
suom. Risto Hannula
Pokkari, 209 sivua

GR: 3/5 tähteä

This novel was either a strong 3 star book or a weak 4 star, I can't seem to decide between them. A traditional mystery, probably one of the first locked room mysteries, and made more interesting by the fact that the author was also the "father" of Winnie-the-Pooh. (I still read the magazine while waiting for my Chinese take-away. That restaurant has the best reading for their clients.) And he had certainly read his Sherlock Holmes...

I think the weak part was the characters, they were not particularly memorable, but they had their moments, too. The mystery was quite well planned and I didn't catch on comptelely until in the end. Of course after reading so many detectives stories, I had my suspicions. But worth a read anyway, I ended up finishing it at night.

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