12 heinäkuuta, 2014

Alexander McCall Smith: Naisten etsivätoimisto nro 1

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (1998)
Alexander McCall Smith
suom. Jaakko Kankaanpää
Otava 2003
Pokkari, 302 sivua
sarja: Mma Ramotswe tutkii #1

GR: 2/5 tähteä

Even though I took my time to read this (I was reading it between other books), the language makes it a very fast and, for the most parts, light read. Probably because this was the first book of the series there were also flashbacks and the beginning was dedicated mostly to the backstory. The plot consisted of mainly separate cases and frankly they were not very interesting nor difficult to figure out. I also found Mma Ramotswe and other characters a bit too simple or prejudiced to my liking. But it wasn't necessarily a bad book, just not a very good one, either. I will give this only two stars instead of three in hope that if I ever read another Mma Ramotswe story it will be worth a better rating that this one.

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