13 kesäkuuta, 2015

Sofi Oksanen: Puhdistus

Puhdistus (2008)
Sofi Oksanen
WSOY, 2008
381 sivua

Finlandia 2008
Pohjoismaiden neuvoston kirjallisuuspalkinto 2010
BC-kirja, lainassa
GR: 4/5 tähteä

This was a difficult book to read, as I thought it would be. I have also seen the movie some years ago, so I didn't get to experience the suspense as I would have if I hadn't know the story beforehand. However I do remember that I was speechless after seeing the movie, as was my friend.

I am pretty familiar with the Estonian history during WWII and after it, so I had no problems following the story in that regard. Of course this is fiction, and Aliide can't be taken as a representative of all Estonian women. She is just a fictional character that lived in dangerous and complicated times, and I consider Finns to be very lucky because we escaped the fate of our Estonian sisters and brothers.

I almost gave this book five stars, and I'm not sure why I don't. I like the non-linear way of telling the story, as it reveals slowly what has happened and what is happening in "real time". None of the characters is particularly likable and sometimes I didn't want to read further because I knew what was going to happen. This is not a feel-good novel.

I am not sure what to think about Aliide and I don't want to give anything away. In a way she is a survivor but at what cost? I also found it interesting that her age, and also Hans's and Ingel's ages, are revealed on only in the end. Maybe it is meant to explain something?

I happened to get Oksanen's next novel and I might just read it some day because both the premise and the possibility to read it without knowing much in advance make it quite intriguing.

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