15 joulukuuta, 2014

Michael Innes: Kosta, Hamlet!

Hamlet, Revenge! (1937)
Michael Innes
Suom. ?
WSOY, 1993
360 sivua
sarja: Sir John Appleby #2

GR: 4/5 tähteä

Hmm... maybe I read this at the wrong time. I probably would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't been looking for a quick read. Is "literary mystery" a genre? Because that is what this book felt like, meaning it had more to it than just the mystery. It is said to be one of the classics of the genre, which is why I wanted to read it.

First published in 1937 it had already signs of the turmoil that was coming with all the talk of spying. There were also more characters/suspects than usually in mysteries which made the story complicated. We also followed many of them and got to know them outside of the mystery solving. And no, I didn't figure it out.

A big part of the story was the play during which the murder happened, Hamlet, and also the few days of preparations before that. Maybe too big for me at this time. I would recommend reading or watching Hamlet before reading the book, it might make it more interesting. There were also other references to literature that I found pretty funny. All in all, it's difficult for me to rate this, I could give it 3, 4 or even 5 stars. I think it's well written and better than an average mystery novel, but I felt I couldn't appreciate it enough while reading it.

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