09 marraskuuta, 2014

Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen: Lumikko ja yhdeksän muuta

Lumikko ja yhdeksän muuta, 2006
Atena 2006
322 sivua

GR: 3/5
★★ ½

I don't usually read fantasy, and I don't really care for magical realism or horror. (I have never read King, either.) So it's probably not a surprise that this wasn't really my kind of book. I read this one for our book club, though I have thought for a long time that it does sound interesting and have been wanting to read it because of that, and I guess it was in its own way. It provoked many thoughts and ideas but because there was something ominous and distressing in the atmosphere of the book, I didn't particularly enjoy reading it or thinking about them. For example Lumikko's books and characters in them reminded me a bit of Moomintrolls, and for some reason I never liked them even as a child, either. There was also something "cult-like" in the whole society...

So I can't say the book was poorly written because it probably made me think a lot more than an average book. Some have critized the ending, saying it left too many unanswered questions. I prefer to think that neither the characters in the book or we as readers were meant to know everything. Or maybe I was just glad I finally finished it... But if you like books about books and writing and enjoy reading magical realism with a bit of horror mixed in it, this might be just the book for you. I think I'll stick to more realistic ones for now.

Lisäksi suomalaisena lukijana minua häiritsi kovasti se, että kirjailija käytti kirjastovirkailijaa ja kirjastonhoitajaa toistensa synonyymeina. Näinhän asia ei ole, ja koska titteleitä käytettiin tehokeinoina toistamalla niitä, niin se ärsytti tavallista enemmän. Lisäksi tuon tason kirjailija olisi varmasti käyttänyt asianajajaa lakitoimiston asemesta...


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