22 kesäkuuta, 2014

Jane Austen: Neito vanhassa linnassa

Northanger Abbey (1817)
Jane Austen
suom. Eila Pennanen
WSOY, 1953

243 sivua

GR: 2/5 tähteä

This was described as being a humorous novel and I though it would be a nice, light read. Unfortunately I found it boring and not very interesting. I recognized the parts that were meant to be funny but they just didn't appeal to me enough. The story did get better in the second half of the book (or maybe the last third) but the beginning was quite a struggle to read. At one point the plot reminded me of those teenage horror flicks like Scary Movies (I think, I have never watched them)... It wasn't necessarily a bad book, it was pretty well written, but it just wasn't a book I would enjoy. I think I'll stick to movies about Austen's novels for a while.

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